Taste of Ron's

         My story begins as a little boy growing up in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. At the age of seven, my love for food and my inspiration to cook came from my mother. I would be in the kitchen watching mom prepare a Thanksgiving holiday meal. She would be baking sweet potato pies and German chocolate cakes for dessert. Being a kid, I got to lick the spoon which I always loved.

        I want you to know at that time in my life, I had no idea I would someday become a chef. Throughout the years, I have made some career changes from an insurance agent to working as an organizer. I have sat across the table from corporate America and negotiatied contracts. O have helped organize two hospitals and one school bus company. Lastly, a liaison for a security firm. At this point in my life I was at a crossroad and didn't know which way to turn. I wondered to myself what kind of work would I like to do and wouldn't mind getting up everyday to go to. The answer was, I love to cook!

       I have a passion for food and I just love cooking and creating new recipes to share with friends and family. So I returned to school where I received the credentials needed to become a marketable chef in the food service industry.

      After finishing school, I landed a job as the lead chef responsible for all kitchen operations for an up and coming retirement community, This is where I studied under the Executive Chef for three years perfecting my culinary skills. Today I am using those same skills as the chef for the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in Des Plaines, Illinois. I have been inspired to write my first recipe book by a long time friend and associate of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. My first book, Taste of Ron's includes recipes that are classic American cuisine with a personal twist as well as several family favorites. For your next dining experience at home enjoy an exquiste meal created with the culinary expertise of Ron's cuisine, always palatable, always satisfying, and always succulent with every morsel.


My Story

Guess who's coming to dinner? .... Seconds, anyone? ....

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